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About NNLL

The National Network of Local Locksmiths directory (NNLL) has been created to advertise genuine local locksmith firms throughout the UK in a locksmith directory free from national franchises and call centres.

I hope it can be used by customers searching for their nearest locksmith but also by locksmiths to recommend other trusted members in the directory when work cannot be covered.

If locksmiths can continue to steer customers in the direction of other reputable tradesmen we can ensure that national firms are starved out of the industry. Everyone benefits!

Why No Nationals?

National locksmith firms have become a plague in the locksmith industry, regularly misleading and over charging customers, in more serious cases I would say scamming! These large organisations will never carry the same values as genuine local locksmith firms and are out for all they can get. The sooner we erradicate them from the equation the customers will receive better services at the proper going rate and we shall take back the local work for ourselves.

How To Add Your Business

If you're looking to join the NNLL you can click on the tab above labelled 'Membership' which will redirect you to the Membership area. Remember it's completely FREE so there's nothing to lose. The more good local locksmiths we get on board the better!

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Updated 28/01/2018

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Free Listings

Currently I am only allowing free submissions to the NNLL directory but do have plans in the future to offer featured listings and dedicated business profile pages.

Please check back at a later date for more information on this, alternatively use the contact page to request further information.

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Suggestions and Ideas

This is very much a new project in it's early stages and I am open to all suggestions and ideas that may help improve this locksmith network. You can contact me on the contact page of the website.